miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

The necessity of the Absolute

In our times of specialization, the fleeting appears clearly. Efforts by keeping that go away irremediably (we remember to you, dear Cratilo) become in desperates attempts of eternity. It is not in vain this attempt and it is not a sign of weakness, it is just the intimate desire from who knows itself limited and searches that it is Absolute. There are lots of ways to that who recognize itself: sarcasm and irony; nihilism (Nietzsche and Wittgenstein) and the distant hope.

Who does want happiness, he can get it. Maybe it is for this reason it’s so common the necessity of sharing, even with our close people, even with people most remote, maybe with people we never have seen, but we feel intimate. This is our time.

Nowadays, even more before, it exists the necessity to be actual.

And this is too much.

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